Under the Weather.

i have been feeling like garbage the past 24 hours. got home from church yesterday afternoon and started feeling the nose run and the throat get a bit sore (which explains why I only had time to activate this blog and add some info on my bio). i took some drugs to help me sleep and felt worse this morning. full blown head-in-a-vice type of headache! doc said this afternoon that i have an upper respiratory infection and i bought some more drugs.

i am not a fan of being sick. i’m not sure who is, but i do remember when i was a kid i didn’t mind it, especially if it meant missing school for a day or more. now, i’m just annoyed because there’s so much to do, but so little time to do it. at least i can read and write while i’m home. i know, i know….i should be resting, but i’m in the middle of a good book right now, and i haven’t been able to put it down.

i think God uses illness or any somatic symptom really, to get my attention. it forces me to slow down…and depending on the sickness, stop me altogether. i need to find some good ways to release stress and tension. i’ve tried quite a few different things, but here i am…with stress manifesting itself in physical symptoms once again. my wife has been an angel today though…i admittedly am pretty whiny when i’m under the weather.

anyone have any ideas to release and/or manage stress? who knows…maybe it will work for me.

furthering the invisible…


~ by brettwilliams on July 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Under the Weather.”

  1. I’m an angel?!? So sweet! Thanks honey! I hope you feel better soon… I am so sorry you are sick.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogs:

    Relationships summed up in pithy statements and 2 sentence comments.
    Hours on end scouring each others thoughts.
    Praying that this post will be commented on.
    Seeking out link love.

    It’s a whole new world out here.

  3. “link love”? i guess i’m a little inept at blogging romance. thanks for answering my prayers for comments.

  4. […] finished with his most recent book, wide awake (i’ve had a ton of time on my hands this week, in bed…so i’ve gotten a lot of studying done.) anyhow, here is a quote from the chapter on […]

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