the forgotten way - alan hirsch

i have a tendency to get fixated on things from time to time, which probably feeds into my functional OCD (never been diagnosed by the way).

alan hirsch has effectively summarized and synthesized the scientific concept of “chaos theory”… how it’s significant, and what it means for the church. he mentioned it briefly in the forgotten ways, (which is a must-read; click here to read the first two chapters), and elaborated on it further last week when i had the opportunity to talk with him. i am so convinced of it’s significance (especially in the organization and functionality of the church) that i am going to focus (errr “fixate”) on it in my doctoral dissertation.

without breaking it down for everyone just yet, (to avoid leading you), i am curious if anyone out there knows much about it, and is aware of any great resources that focus on chaos, adaptive leadership, emergence, etc. i am clearly fixated on it right now, and the only way to get my “fix” is to study the living daylights out of it. please let me know, and i’ll somehow return the favor (possibly with some literary recommendations of my own).

furthering the invisible…


~ by brettwilliams on July 9, 2008.

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