we bought a wii fit this week…after a few weeks of calling multiple stores multiple times a week to discover when the next shipment would come in (they’re hard to get in denver). It’s something we’ve had our eyes on since we bought our “nintendo wii” back in January, and we’re pumped we have one now.

one of the first things the program does, as you’re setting up a profile, is it gives you a preliminary health status (discovered from your age, weight, balance, etc). i am starting out with an “overweight” designation, which is no big surprise to me…i have lacked the discipline to work out regularly for probably the past 6 years. following 20 years of continuous exercise and participation in sports i can really tell how unhealthy I have become.

i am weaker, get tired easier, am less motivated to eat the right way, and therefore am less active than I used to be. i have always had a pretty high energy level, multi-tasked, and have needed little sleep most of my life. presently, although I’ve aged a bit, I have a greater need for rest and down-time. i still work and play really hard, but i am worn out when the day is over.

i now have an accountability/workout partner (the wii fit trainer), and am motivated to exercise more in order to get my body mass index (wii keeps track for you) down, my weight down a bit, and strength-train.

some essentials when exercising physically are a healthy diet, strength training, cardio training, accountability (usually an accountability/workout partner), and last but not least… rest. most nutritionists/physical trainers will tell you that it is vital when you’re in any form of diet or workout program that you are getting 7-8 hours of rest a day. if any of these factors are missing, many times the effectiveness diminishes and the results are hindered. discipline is required.

i have been thinking quite a bit this summer about the spiritual disciplines that are vital for life as a disciple (of Christ). spiritual exercise is very similar to physical exercise. our (spiritual) workout routine consists of a healthy diet (of the word), strength training (discovering and growing in our gifts/strengths), cardio training (constant stengthening of our heart), steady interaction with a workout partner (consistent prayer/journaling with the Lord), and last but not least – rest (taking a 24hr sabbath every week).

physically, i find that when i struggle in any singular discipline (ie. eating right), it affects other disciplines and my workout program falls apart.

which physical discipline/exercise is the most difficult for you to consistently do?

which spiritual discipline/exercise is the easiest for you to neglect and how does it affect the other disciplines?

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~ by brettwilliams on July 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fitness…”

  1. Sleep is where I struggle… getting the right amount of sleep and taking a 24-hour sabbath. That is hard to do… and even more tricky when you are a mom. There is always something to be done and it is easy to stay up late, get up early, and work all hours of the day… and never sit down to rest. It is so true that I need to keep that in check… if the Word says we need it… then we do! I need to work on that…

  2. I am about to beat some of your records on Wii Fit! You will have some work to do!

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