our week of packing, loading, and leaving started off with a bit of a delay on sunday night, with the visit of a funnel cloud turned twister. our friend julie was over helping us frantically pack when i looked out our window, saw a suspicious cloud, and called everyone over to the patio to take a look. this is what we saw.

we then followed the cloud around our building and noticed that it was pretty close. after turning the tv on, we saw that we were in the middle of the path, and the tornado was only a couple of miles away. moving 10-15 mph we knew that we still had a few minutes so we took another shot.

we then got wise, and took shelter until it passed. overall, the adventure wasted about 2 hrs of packing time, and we ended up staying up till 2am that night as a result. i’ve kinda always liked severe weather my entire life (i know strange, huh?), but this was a little too close.

furthering the invisible…



~ by brettwilliams on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “twisted…”

  1. That was so crazy!!! I can do without ever seeing one in person again… but I admit that it was pretty cool to actually see one!

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