a tale of two ballparks…

it’s no secret that i’m a sports fanatic, and when it comes to baseball…”forget about it” (as my new friends here say). yes…i’m a dodgers fan, but i love every aspect of the game. without taking time to count, i’ve been to 15 or so different major league ballparks in my life (give or take a few). two that i had never been to, are scheduled to be torn down after the 2008 season. 2 weeks into being a new york resident, i was able to see a game in both parks.

shea stadium (probably the best seats i’ve ever had at a game)


“the house that ruth built” 

i was very appreciative of the opportunity that the gentlemen gave me to visit these two parks. the pennant chase “buzz” was in the air at the mets game. the “buzz” of it being the last series in yankee stadium’s history was in the air at the yanks game. both were great experiences…and i look forward to adding two more parks to my list next year, with the opening of citi field and the new yankee stadium.

furthering the invisible…


~ by brettwilliams on September 19, 2008.

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