i’ve been on hiatus when it came to my blog. it wasn’t really intentional, it’s just been pretty insane lately. but no excuse…shame on me! i’ve taken about 5 months off since my last post. however, now that i’m considering a return back into publishing my queries online, i thought i should find a new look to my blog. i’ll keep this one until i find a better one. 

catching up: since last time i blogged…my love for my life has increased. i am “still” blessed to be in the family that i’m in (which, by the way…my father and mother, my sis and brother-in-law, and mother and father-in-law have all moved to long island to assist us in our ministry.) i love my wife, marissa, and daughter, ashlyn more and more each day. this church is incredible (another blessing), and i really appreciate how open they are to stretch for kingdom’s sake. our ministry is developing quite nicely, and the Lord is bringing about the steady progression that i had envisioned he would (more details will come in future posts). 

“…the best is yet to come and won’t that be fine…” [sinatra, of course]

furthering the invisible…


~ by brettwilliams on February 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “hiatus…”

  1. Thanks, Babe! I love you more and more each day too! Shame on me as well… I have not blogged since Thanksgiving…. Maybe I will do that tomorrow… Your dad has me inspired with his daily blogging, he is really good at it! We need to up our game!

  2. Welcome back. I also have gotten back into it…
    Glad to hear things are going well!

  3. Please Pastor Brett you and Marissa are way better than me…I just started blogging again and I took like 2 years off…i can’t even imagine how many thoughts i had during that time…lol! Well.. I’m happy we are all bloggin again! I am humbled to be serving with you both and i am so grateful to our Great God that He sent you all here!

    Bill’s wonderful blog has inspired me as well!

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